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Coping with the process of getting a divorce is an emotionally and trying time for anyone. The life-changing course of separating from your partner of many years can affect a person emotionally, physically and financially. We understand that most of the time, issues for divorce for men and divorce for women are different. Thus, we are cognizant of these differences and address each individual case accordingly. If children are involved, a child custody dispute is likely to make matters worse. It is during these turbulent times that you must take control of the situation and protect your financial and parental rights. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of retaining legal counsel to handle your family law case.

While many cases can be settled amicably, it is to your benefit to have a lawyer stand up for you and your children. The Cerda Law Offices has the commitment and skill necessary to protect your family. We understand the difficulties and confusion that most family law cases present. That is why The Cerda Law Offices strives to provide each individual client with the knowledge, communication, attention, and dedication they deserve. At The Cerda Law Offices, we value our clients and we fight for successful case results.

  • “Carlos rigorously advocates for his clients while maintaining a high ethical standard when it comes to the law. We were so impressed with his ability to connect with us as clients and gain a favorable decision on our behalf. To this day, he still checks in on us to see if all is well. That is truly unique and has left a lasting impression on us – he actually cares for people and what is right.

    – K. M.

  • “Mr. Cerda, thank you for everything you did for us. We will be forever grateful. May God continue to bless your family, your health and your firm always. Happy Holidays!”

    – Jim and Heather B.

  • “Carlos is handling my divorce–I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. My divorce is as complicated as it gets, and he always knows what to do and what to file, as I would have no idea. His fees are reasonable and well worth it. I would definitely recommend him to others who are going through what I am.”

    B. K.