"Carlos rigorously advocates for his clients while maintaining a high ethical standard when it comes to the law. We were so impressed with his ability to connect with us as clients and gain a favorable decision on our behalf. To this day, he still checks in on us to see if all is well. That is truly unique and has left a lasting impression on us – he actually cares for people and what is right."
- E.H.

Defending Employer’s Rights — Protecting your Business

California protects workers with some of the most expansive and rigorous wage, discriminatory and harassment laws in the nation. Unfortunately, this means that many small and medium-sized business are sometimes underrepresented in unmeritorious actions brought on by current and former employees. Employment-related issues and lawsuits can be devastating to your company.

Additionally, given the maze that is the California Labor Code, many employers are sometimes not fully aware of all their rights and responsibilities required by a system that is skewed in favor of employees and against employers.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing corporate clients in labor and employment disputes, both as members of legal and Human Resources departments at multi-billion dollar organizations, and as employer defense attorneys, so you can trust us to handle your case professionally and efficiently.

We can advise you and your business on federal and state labor and employment laws, and what you can do to minimize the risk of litigation and protect your company's interests. This includes drafting legal documents, manuals and contracts, and reviewing your existing policies and procedures to insure they comply with both federal and state labor and employment laws.

If your company is sued in court or must respond to EEOC, FEHA or called before the California Labor Commissioner, our firm can provide an aggressive defense to protect your business.

Unlike other employment law firms, attorney Carlos Cerda has extensive years in various industries advising employers in human resources and legal matters. This knowledge allows Mr. Cerda to understand the employees, the employer and issues unique to the workplace. We can identify and focus on both the strengths and weaknesses of a given case.

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Employment law is a complex and tilted towards defending employees at the expense of employers. At The Cerda Law Offices we have experience and success representing employers throughout California. Contact us at 925-946-4614 to speak to an employment lawyer today.

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