"Carlos rigorously advocates for his clients while maintaining a high ethical standard when it comes to the law. We were so impressed with his ability to connect with us as clients and gain a favorable decision on our behalf. To this day, he still checks in on us to see if all is well. That is truly unique and has left a lasting impression on us – he actually cares for people and what is right."
- E.H.

Defending Worker’s Rights Against Unfair Treatment by Big and Small Employers

California protects workers with some of the most expansive and rigorous wage, discriminatory and harassment laws in the nation. However, many workers are still fearful of retaliation or simply believe that they cannot take on a big corporation.

Unlike other employment law firms, attorney Carlos Cerda has extensive years in the energy, chemical, and service industries advising employers in human resources and legal matters. This knowledge allows Mr. Cerda to understand the employees, the employer and issues unique to the workplace. We can identify and focus on both the strengths and weaknesses of a given case. This allows for the ability to pursue quick settlements or pursue litigation in more complex matters, such as in class actions.

The most important service we provide our clients is our commitment to pursue all available remedies for any wrongs they may have experienced as a worker. While employees may feel intimidated to speak up or feel they don’t have the resources to take on a big company, we are committed and have the ability to pursue all actions required to make the employee whole again.

While employers may seek to maximize profits, they cannot do it on the backs of workers by misclassifying employees, avoiding overtime pay, denying meal/rest periods, shaving time, making unlawful deductions from wages, or forcing workers to incur business expenses that benefit the company. Additionally, workers have the right to seek and work in an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

If you believe you have been the victim of unfair employment practices, discrimination, or harassment, The Cerda Law Offices can help enforce and protect your legal rights. Mr. Cerda offers free initial consultations on employment related matters. Remember, California labor laws are in place to protect employees from employers who ignore employee protections and rights. DON’T GO AT IT ALONE! Call The Cerda Law Offices now at 925-946-4614 for a FREE Initial Consultation.

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